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Sticky Baits Vor-Tex Pellets 2.3Mm 2.5Kg Bag

Sticky Baits Vor-Tex Pellets 2.3Mm 2.5Kg Bag


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Order Sticky Baits Vor-Tex Pellets 2.3Mm 2.5Kg Bag for only £12.50 available at Suffolk Air Rifle.



Sticky Baits Vor-Tex Plus Pellet 2.3mm 2.5KG These low oil, complete food source pellets were released to compliment our Vor-Tex Plus range. The immensely effective pellet is infused with the same attractors and feed stimulants as the boilies. This gives the pellets a sweet pungent maple aroma and a rich brown colour that matches the boilies perfectly. Their rapid but constant leak-off makes them incredibly effective at pulling fish to your baited area, and then their quick breakdown ensures that the fish are kept feeding for hours. Great for use in PVA bags, groundbaits or spod mixes and can also be balled up with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding, round a method feeder. For a really effective tip try fishing a Vor-Tex Plus Dumbell Wafter over a mix of Vor-Tex Plus Pellet and chopped Vor-Tex Plus Boilies. What fish could resist this bed of complete attraction Available in 2.3mm and 4mm in 900g and 2.5kg bags.