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Weihrauch HW110 Soft Touch .22

Weihrauch HW110 Soft Touch .22

SKU: cat00301

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Order Weihrauch HW110 Soft Touch .22 by Weihrauch for only £785.00 available at Suffolk Air Rifle.


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less thanpgreater thanWeihrauch HW110 Soft Touch .22less thanbrgreater thanless thanbrgreater thanOur new sporter HW 110 ST, a new pre-charged air rifle from Weihrauch:less thanbrgreater thanexcellent accuracy less thanbrgreater thanvibration free shot releaseless thanbrgreater thanfast and easy repeatingless thanbrgreater than10-shot magazine capacityless thanbrgreater thanbuilt-in and with 200 bar fillable air cartridgeless thanbrgreater thanintegral pressure gauge and quick-fill equipment with regulatorless thanbrgreater thansystem also available left-handed against extra chargeless thanbrgreater thanavailable in cal. .177 4,5 mm, cal. .20 5,0 mm and .22 5,5 mmless thanbrgreater thanwell-balancedless thanbrgreater thantwo stage adjustable match trigger with manual safetyless thanbrgreater thanambidextrous, black sporter stock with soft-touch finishless thanbrgreater than scope against extra chargeless thanbrgreater thanless thanbrgreater thanAt the moment we do supply this rifle only in the 12 ft. lbs. version.less than/pgreater than

Additional Information

Additional Information

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brand Weihrauch
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Size N/A
Rifle Stock N/A
Gun Caliber N/A
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Hook Size N/A
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Hook Length N/A
shot_size N/A
rod_length N/A
Flavours N/A
Bait Size N/A
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mpn Does Not Apply
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